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The concept for "Losing Face" comes from the Chinese saying of "saving face", or trying to maintain one's reputation, honor, and external facade of who you are. This body of work explores the realization of unconsciously living in that performance and deriving self worth and value from others - a both uniquely universal and intimately personal experience. 

Sonically, this EP represents that internal dissonance and tension through heavy vocal distortion, digital processing, and other loud dissonant sounds but also captures the intimacy of vulnerability & softness of self-reflection through moments of quiet piano instrumentation and earnest vocals.  

Losing Face is a love letter to change-written in a blend of loud synth-pop, electronica, and alternative R&B, with fond allusions to 2000s mando-pop. 

The full EP is out now on all streaming platforms. 


 — Losing Face EP Credits —

Music & Lyrics Written by Amy Zou 

Additional Music Written by Kory Burrell 

Produced & Mixed by Kory Burrell 

Mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering 

Performed by Amy Zou, Kory Burrell, & JT Bates 

Album Artwork & Photos by Bethany Yeap 

Additional Photos by Michael Morales


— Good Energy Credits —

Music & Lyrics Written by Amy Zou

Produced & Mixed by Amy Zou

Performed by Amy Zou

Album Artwork  by Bethany Yeap

Photos by Isabel Padilla